Congratulations To Payal On Winning Pavarotti Eyewear!

Payal wins a Pavarotti eyewear  in the Vote and Win campaign at the recently held ZEISS ‘YOUANDEYE’ 2018 awards in Mumbai….

In the recently held ZEISS ‘YOUANDEYE’ 2018 in Mumbai, a Vote and Win campaign was introduced in order to reward and thank the people for their contribution in declaring the deserving contestant as a winner in the best optical store category. People from all over the country made sure to make the best man, we mean the best optical store win, by voting for their favourite store in the respective category. The support and motivation received through votes were indeed overwhelming.

Here we have Payal Niharika who turned out to be the lucky winner to win a Pavarotti eyewear by voting Vision 2020 (Mumbai) as her favourite goto optical store.

“Its a surprise for me. It feels nice to win!” said Payal.

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