ECPs Visit State-Of-The-Art HOYA Laboratory In Chennai

HOYA Lens India had the distinct pleasure of hosting a group of esteemed ECPs for an exclusive tour of its state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Chennai

The tour, organised on the 28th of May, offered a behind-the-scenes look at HOYA’s latest, innovative processes, and cutting-edge technology, and showcased the meticulous care that is put into ensuring the highest quality of products and services. The highlight of the tour was product innovations; where customers had the opportunity to see upcoming product releases and engage in discussions with the lab experts. 

HOYA’s team demonstrated the unique features and benefits of these innovations, emphasising the commitment to continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology coupled with efficient production processes and skilled craftsmanship.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The tour was a productive experience, enhancing customers’ understanding of processes, and thus strengthening their confidence in HOYA. It was followed by a networking dinner, which commenced with a brief presentation on the HOYA Lens India: Shaping The Future Together, showcasing a gist of HOYA Vision Care’s plans in India. 

Mr. Serge Zins, Vice President, of APAC Hoya Vision Care stated, “Hoya Vision Care strongly believes in the potential India has shown over the years. It is this dedication and passion that India is among the top 5 strategic markets for HOYA Vision Care.” “We strongly believe that HOYA India will continue to grow through the lab in Chennai, which is the world’s top-notch factory, churning out world-class products that are at par with the other HOYA Factories across the globe.

The meeting commenced with a compelling welcome address, presenting HOYA’s commitment by Mr. Sanjay Tiwari, the Managing Director of HOYA Lens India. “We believe that such initiatives are crucial for building trust and fostering long-term relationships with our ECPs for growth towards innovation, quality, and excellence.” he quoted.

Speaking on the innovative technology of HOYA’s product line, Mr. Arun Nagaraj, Business Head – PALs & Head of Training South Asia said, “HOYA celebrates 60 years of coating excellence, thus being dedicated to driving innovation to deliver superior optical solutions. The relentless pursuit of excellence is reflected in every product created.”

Mr. Shankar Raman, Business head of MiYOSMART stated, “HOYA is committed to evidence-based myopia management and through MiYOSMART, we aim to educate ECPs on the importance of evidence in childhood myopia and bring attention to robust MiYOSMART evidence.“ He also added, ”MiYOSMART, an innovative product for myopic children, has played an instrumental role in transforming children’s vision by providing them with the options of photochromic and polarised solutions to slow down myopia progression.”

HOYA Lens India’s newest feather to its cap, the new range of tinted lenses with Italian fashion colours is a great success among ECPs. With a positive response and popular demand in the market, the fashionable range of vision solutions caught the keen interest of ECPs.

Addressing the quality commitments on HOYA Products, the Strategic Operation Director, of HOYA Lens India, Mr Rangarajan. Sourirajan said, “Our Quality Assurance encompasses every facet of our manufacturing journey from order entry to product dispatch. With the integration of the personalised HOYA Order Center to place orders directly from devices, we aim to help the ECPs focus on what matters, giving the gift of vision and reducing time on administrative work.

The meet was a resounding success, characterised by productive discussions, valuable connections and a shared excitement for future collaborations. The evening concluded with a heartfelt thank you from Mr. Bhupesh Banodkar, National Sales Manager & Key Accounts Head, HOYA Lens India, who acknowledged the valuable contributions of the ECPs. 

ECPs had the unique opportunity to engage in direct conversations with the senior leadership which facilitated open dialogue, allowing them to voice their experiences, provide feedback, and gain insights into HOYA Lens India’s operational excellence and future plans.


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