Essilor Launches Varilux XR Series

Essilor India today introduced the Varilux XR Series: their first eye-responsive progressive lens* powered by behavioral artificial intelligence, designed to transform the visual experience of millions.

In a first, EssilorLuxottica’s scientists have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and combined it with their unmatched understanding of consumer lifestyles, to create the best overall progressive lens: Varilux XR Series.

In today’s fast-paced world, our eyes are moving 100,000 times a day to process all the visual information we are exposed to. Researchers from EssilorLuxottica studied over 6,500 consumers to enrich their understanding of progressive addition lens wearers’ lifestyles and visual challenges; gathering over 1 million data to develop a breakthrough behavioral modeling system that predicts how these individuals will look at objects around them.

Varilux XR series always comes with Crizal technology to enhance clarity and act as an invisible shield to protect your eyes and your lens. The wearers benefit from instant sharpness, even in motion, with up to 49% more vision volume compared to the Varilux X series. In independent third-party tests, 87% of consumers, mostly wearing the premium progressive lens, preferred the Varilux XR series to their previous lenses, after trying them, with no change in their prescription. And 95% of wearers adapted to their new lenses on the first day.

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