Here Is Who You Can Expect To See At VisionPlus EXPO This Year

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The VisionPlus EXPO 2022 is all set to raise the bar and put Dubai in the spotlight with its state-of-the-art arrangements. Participations are pouring in and many of the industry biggies have already confirmed their presence. As the countdown races ahead, here is a sneak peek of the brands on-board.

Buyers visiting this year’s expo will get a chance to check out the latest offerings by leading brands across categories. From ZEISS that is likely to display it’s new launches in addition to its exhaustive portfolio to VisionRx one of the largest ophthalmic Rx lens manufacturers in Asia, the visitors have so much to look forward to at this year’s event.

For those interested in instruments, equipment and machinery – Schneider Optics’ display is something to look forward to. Headquartered in Germany, Schneider has carved a niche in the category of optical technology. They have confirmed their participation and have an interesting line-up for this year’s event. The display by MEI is also something that visitors will look forward to. MEI products cover the entire spectrum of lens cutting and everything related to it. Here, you can find solutions to all your optic and sunglass lens cutting needs.

OptiSwiss – the leading Swiss lens manufacturer – has also confirmed it’s participation. They will be showcasing their latest offering at the VisionPlus EXPO this year. Jowoon Innovation is a newcomer that has come on-board for this year’s event. They are a young Korean company that will be showcasing their expertise in contact lens manufacturing at this year’s event -they would showcase brands like Chic View, Oxygen View, RURUVi and O2 view. Tokai Optecs N.V, another leading lens manufacturer has an interesting line-up for this year’s event.

For those interested in frames, we have brands like Monogram, Minima, ANDY WOLF, ROLF, ANY DI, VAVA Eyewear, La Font, J.F Rey, Ocelot, Eyeplayer, Danver, Kidsberg, Stepper, OEM, Clary Optic, Mango, Pull & Bear, Out of, Legion,Bust Out, Soho London, BSTT, Ronit First Eyewear and Daria, among many others that have confirmed participation. From chic designs to classy colours, the range in eyewear – sunglasses and optical- is sure to sweep you off your feet.

This interested in optical accessories will get to check out the latest offerings by Sunny Cords and other brands. As part of the international pavilions at this year’s event, the French brands from OPAL DEMETZ is something that is sure to tempt visitors.

In addition to this, concept-driven stalls like Project Eyewear will give visitors a chance to witness the skill of upcoming eyewear designers are also a part of this year’s event.

Last year, VisionPlus EXPO witnessed participation from over 59 countries across the globe. This year, the number is only set to grow bigger!

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