IVI Receives Vision2020 Dr Jordan Kassalow Award For Work In Vision Health

India Vision Institute (IVI), an Indian NGO working to provide access to the underprivileged vision screening and a pair of free spectacles to those in need, has won the Vision2020 Dr Jordan Kassalow VisionSpring Award.

On behalf of IVI, CEO Vinod Daniel received the award at the 16th Annual Vision 2020: The Right to Sight- India national conference at Siliguri, West Bengal.

IVI won the Award, instituted by Vision 2020 India, for work in providing access to vision health and corrective eyeglasses for underprivileged communities.

The Award is named after VisionSpring’s founder, Dr Jordan Kassalow, who is also co-founder of EYElliance, a multi-stakeholder coalition to help increase access to eyeglasses.

Mr Daniel said, “The Vision2020 Dr Jordan Kassalow VisionSpring Award is an honour and recognition to IVI. The award will inspire us to contribute even more in our efforts and mission to facilitate access to vision screenings and spectacles to every Indian in need of a pair. Our work in the past 10 years has provided access to over 600,000 underprivileged lives, including school children, women and transgender communities among others, in some 20 states across India.”

“I thank Vision 2020 India for this recognition and to our partners for their support to our vision screening programs that are helping thousands of underprivileged people in far-flung and remote communities to see better and be more productive in life and work, through corrective glasses,” he noted.

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