Nova Sports Combos: High performance and protection for playing in style

Committed to deliver best optical performance and protection for active lifestyle, Nova Sports Combos from Vision Rx Lab offer customised prescription (Rx) sunglasses in fashionable frames for best visual acuity

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With the world returning to normal and resumption of normal day to day activities, most sports enthusiasts are returning to their active life and spending long hours under the glaring sun, and thus requiring adequate level of vision protection and clarity to support their performance.

Nova Sports Combos from Vision Rx Lab offers customised prescription (Rx) sunglasses in fashionable frames for best visual acuity for any outdoor activity or sports, complete with 100% UV protection, glare protection and advanced lens technology for sharper vision.  

A perfect combination of perfect optics and perfect cosmetics, Nova Sports Combos specialises in customised lenses for curved sunglass frames and high-curved sports frames in multi-aspheric, atoric SV and super soft PAL designs, making it possible for athletes to wear powered sun lenses as per their prescription in fashionable curvy sports sunglasses with outstanding optical performance. Designed with Digicontour Technology, the sun lenses ensures wider fields of clear vision, greatly reduced distortions and enhanced contrast.

For greater clarity and comfort in differing light conditions, the UV protected lenses are available with various tint options to suit individual needs and sports requirements. Its polarized tints with advanced polarization technology help to reduce unwanted glares, allowing comfortable viewing experience in highly reflective terrains such as water bodies and snow clad mountains, where the sun’s glare is harshest. Its tint range also includes new mirror tints, solid and gradient tints designed to support specific sports oriented activities in varying light conditions.

Furthermore, the brand’s cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates style with superior vision correction and eye protection technology. The sporty sunglass models come in new age designs and sturdy materials to withstand any high impact activity with no compromise on style or comfort. 

Whether it’s the lens or the frame, the best of materials are used to offer customised sports eyewear that’s in line with the best global standards. Thus with Nova Sports Combos range wearers can now look forward to clear vision, supreme comfort, all-day protection and durability with the high quality offerings from a single global brand.

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