Masterclass Optometry’s Edumotivator: Scholar Goes to Gujarat

Edumotivator Scholar is a unique initiative of Masterclass Optometry that helps students open their minds to learning and take the learning experience more positively

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In December 2015 this program was conducted at three optometry institutes in Gujarat which included Nagar School of Optometry, Ahmedabad, Bharatimaiya College of Optometry & Physiotherapy, Surat and Hari Jyot College of Optometry, Navsari.

In each of these institutes, the program received an overwhelming response in terms of participation from the students. The session started with introduction of facilitators Mr. Nilesh Thite and Ms. Pradnya Gogate by the respective institute heads, followed by a quick ice-breaker where the faculty asked the students to introduce themselves.

Faculty member addressing the students

What followed hereon, was an interesting exercise where students were asked to open their minds to understanding the concepts and interpreting their impact, accordingly. A refreshing break from the regular learning pattern, the exercise was interesting and students enjoyed it.

As part of the Edumotivator series, the instructors also introduced the concept of active learning. In this session the students got an insight on process of active learning and how it can help them to understand the domain in a better way.

Another important aspect that the experts focused on was the importance of communication and rapport for students to be able to learn in the right way. As part of this session, the experts talked about using the right communication techniques and their importance in helping students open their minds to new learning concepts.

Faculty with students during one of the Edumotivator sessions

The series also focused on highlighting the importance of learning and understanding new concepts in the right way. For the benefit of the students, the experts also conducted practical sessions.

Students were encouraged to interact freely with the facilitators. Realising that it was not easy to learn things in one day and immediately start using those from very next day, the experts welcomed the students to get back to them in case of any queries.

The benefits of the Edumotivator series in these colleges were manifold. For once, the students were introduced to new and more interesting ways to learn, secondly, it gave them a chance to interact with expert faculty and learn more about the way the optical trade was advancing. This will help them gear up as future professionals to take up challenging roles in the industry.

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