BMCO, Surat

Masterclass Optometry’s Edumotivator Scholar

Edumotivator Scholar conducted at Bharatimaiya College of Optometry and Physiotherapy (BMCO), Surat 

BMCO, Surat
Edumotivator: Scholar program by Masterclass Optometry at BMCO, Surat

Edumotivator Scholar is a program specially designed for the students to elevate their spirits, open their minds and enhance their learning process. It is a unique initiative of Masterclass Optometry that helps students open their minds to learning and take the learning experience more positively.

It was conducted at Bharatimaiya College of Optometry and Physiotherapy (BMCO), Surat – Monday, 24th April and was attended by 45 students of BMCO and 18 students of Harijyot College of Optometry, Navasari. This program was facilitated by Mr. Nilesh Thite and Ms. Pradnya Gogate.

Once the objectives of the program were established by the facilitators the program kick started with an interesting exercise which was about creating one’s own understanding and knowledge of the concepts. The students found it exciting and enjoyed it a lot.

It is very important to know and use one’s own learning style as it makes learning easy and interesting. Students understood the concept of learning style and its types in the next session.

The next important concept that students learned was active learning. In this session they got an insight on process of active learning. They not only learned about what is active learning but also understood how to be an active learner.

Students sometimes can have some assumptions about their teachers, fellow students which may not be very beneficial. This session commenced with an interesting story of few statements and after taking a questionnaire based on the story, students could identify few assumptions from their day to day life. Instead of having not so good assumptions they were encouraged to have few good assumptions.

Communication and rapport go hand in hand. Rapport works like a fuel to the car of communication. For students, communicating properly is an important art they must master. The next session covered communication and rapport, and techniques to have good communication with teachers and fellow students.

Learning and understanding new things, mastering them and performing those in exams is the usual course for students. Of course, exams particularly vivas play a major role in building or breaking student’s confidence not only in their learning years but also as a practitioner. The role play that demonstrated a usual viva scene which was quite a deja vu for students but the counselling session that followed was a real eye opener. Students realised how avoiding few mistakes, deliberately doing few things can boost their confidence.

During examination, to be able to remember and recollect is also an essential thing, for which there was a session on effective and super easy memory techniques. The program concluded with wisdom pearls – the summary of the entire program.

Students were encouraged to interact freely with the facilitators. It is not easy to learn things in one day and immediately start using those from very next day. For this, participants were encouraged to communicate with facilitators through email for queries, if any.

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