Nova Eyewear Forays Into The Indian Consumer Segment

Nova Eyewear, the global eyewear brand from Vision Rx Lab, is about to create another new milestone as it forays into the vast consumer segment here in India

For wide and effective promotion in this digital age, this international brand has been introduced to the consumer segment through exclusive streaming of “Nova: Vision Meets Fashion” Film on YouTube masthead which has garnered over 5.9 million views in a short span since its launch on 7th May, 2017. The brand Nova is exceptional in its category as it straddles the best of two domains where world-class vision correction technology lenses meets the fashionable frames and sunglasses. Hence the brand philosophy is perfectly summed up in the baseline Vision Meets Fashion.

Nova Eyewear
Women’s Collection, Nova Eyewear

This core message is expressed in various creative media – print, audio-visual, digital communications. Nova eyewear has created an imagery that defines the brand world for Nova: A world where one can enjoy perfect vision with international style.This is expressed through stunning shots and images of international models sporting Nova spectacles and sunglasses, while engaged in activities that reflect their unique personalities and aspirations which require crystal clear vision.

Through this campaign, they intend to launch Nova as a whole new way to look at eyewear and eye care. Also it clearly positions itself as a brand that helps today’s go-getters to achieve their dreams, with Digi-Contoured perfect vision + ultra-chic frames and Rx sunglasses.

Nova Eyewear
Men’s Sunglass Collection, Nova Eyewear

Available in more than 45 countries worldwide, Nova offers a bouquet of premium eye-care solutions, ranging from advanced digital lenses to fashionable frames, power sunglasses and swimming goggles. It is one such international brand which effectively addresses the need of vision correction and protection without compromising on aesthetics by providing the best eye-care products which are both high on technology and fashion.

Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, CEO, Vision RX Lab said, “We take great pride in introducing an internationally renowned brand like Nova in the Indian consumer market. Nova has been revolutionising eyewear in more than 45 countries with its top-of-the-line eyewear products which comes with advanced technology and perfect aesthetics to suit individual visual needs and style preferences. Following the huge success in the international market, we now bring the innovative range of products to the modern day Indian consumers who are looking for superior vision solutions without compromising on style which will be aptly fulfilled by Nova, resonated in its brand mantra, Vision Meets Fashion.”

About Vision Rx Lab:

Vision Rx Lab is one of the largest ophthalmic Rx lens manufacturers in Asia, offering complete lens solutions ranging from traditional to digital Rx lenses, hard and AR coatings, tinting, glazing and mounting. The internationally renowned company, a joint venture of GKB Rx Lens and Essilor, has been producing high quality organic and mineral Rx lenses for around 58 years. The group’s wide range of products also includes fashionable frames and Rx sunglasses.

Vision Rx Lab has tie-ups with world-renowned lens companies like Seiko, Rodenstock, Shamir, Transitions, Younger Optics, Optima, Vision Ease and Corning, among many others, to deliver innovative lens products and world-class optometric solutions.

Vision Rx Lab has its headquarters in Kolkata. Its large infrastructural set-up comprises 19 manufacturing labs, including digital labs, and 23 service centres that are spread across the country. The company has overseas branch offices in Dubai and Canada for efficient management of exports catering to its large international market.

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