Stepper: The Changing Face Of Mature Fashion

Stepper: a noticeable change that began last year. The changing buying patterns have continued and accelerated, so it’s no longer a ‘blip’ but a definite trend

There is a real change in the ‘mature’ frame market. Stepper, a long time stalwart of the older frame wearer, is seeing measurable and rapid movement in buyer choice.

Stepper put this down to an increasingly fashion and image aware ageing population combined with a greater choice of styles and material options being presented to them. ‘We launched our Thin & Light TX5 (plastic) frames feb-2016, which gave all the features and benefits of our traditional offering but with far more modern styling and contemporary colourings,’ adds Sagar Doshi. ‘At first it was a toe in the water to see how these styles would fare in India, now we realise there is considerable demand for this type of product.’





 SI- 20047 by Stepper

SI-20047 is a typical example of this shifting trend. With a super thin rimmed plastic (TX5) front featuring a retro style ‘keyhole’ bridge and larger, rounded eye shape with Beta-Titanium sides with fine pattern detailing, it isn’t the Stepper you would have recognised five years ago.

‘It’s fashionable without being high fashion’ , ‘Stepper comfort, fit, durability and hypoallergenic properties, valued by the older wearer, can all be found in our new styles.’

The SI-20047 maintains the brand’s ‘feels great all day’ qualities by featuring an intrinsic STEPPER plastic bridge and a weight of only 6g.

‘In light of this shift in buying patterns, it is essential to ensure you have the right mix of products to meet the style aspirations of the affluent and growing mature customer market,’.

Stepper Eyewear is the brand in the world of optics that has achieved its merits by its dedication to the creation of outstanding glasses and to the close professional relationship with opticians. 1970 the company was founded in Germany as a joint venture between an expert in plastic moulding technology and Hans Stepper a graduated optician.


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