DIOPS Strengthens The Basis Of Market Diversification

The 16th DIOPS 2017, an opportunity to diversify domestic market, was successfully finished on 22nd with foreign buyers from many different areas participating even during complicated international situations

During this event held in EXCO for three days, the number of spectators decreased compared to the last year’s while domestic demand increased by a small margin, and the number of countries that foreign buyers are from increased from 32 countries to 45 countries.

205 foreign and domestic companies participated with 454 booths(30 booths by 26 foreign companies). Total of 10,955 including 898 foreign buyers visited the show. Export performance decreased by a small margin because of decreased number of buyers this year.

Chinese buyers and foreign buyers in total have decreased due to the complicated international affairs such as THAAD and North Korea situation. However, the number of participating countries increased from 32 countries to 45 countries. The number of Taiwanese, Hong konger, and Vietnamese buyers, increased by two folds, and new buyers from Israel, Laos, Myanmar, Spain, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Peru visited, which reflected new possibility of market diversification.

The number of domestic buyers increased from 6,940 to 7,498 as Korean Optometric Association Central, Seoul, Gyeong-gi, Incheon, and Daejeon branches, Davich and Optical manager, Korean top two eyeglasses franchises participated along with The Mandatory Training Sessions offered by Korea Optometric Association.

Furthermore, introduction of reinforced business facilities and better design quality in accordance with new “Change and Renew” concept elicited great response from participants. They strengthened participating companies’ brand marketing support through new product launching shows and visiting concerts. Besides, foreign buyers highly praised the newly changed overall environment of DIOPS where businesses and events were well mixed together.

For the launching show, model images were used for marketing. As many as 22 companies applied for this to show their new products to buyers and media.

Above all, DIOPS established itself as business show only allowing companies to make a purchase, had more strictly foreign buyer verification program, and vitalized domestic market by attracting more domestic buyers. DIOPS played its role as the only optical show in Korea promoting Korean eyeglasses business and ensuring the internal stability.


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