‘Out Of’ Launches At Silmo Paris, The innovative Electronic Lens Irid

‘Out Of’ presents at Silmo Paris its award-winning electronic lens Irid, launching its first sunglasses collection equipped with this innovative technology.

The electronic lens Irid is able to perceive the ambient light and instantly adapt to it by getting darker and lighter to always provide the user with the best light filter. This, in less than a second and without using any battery, therefore avoiding the annoying lag that characterises the normal photochromic lenses now available on the market.

What does it mean? You’re riding your bike during a sunny day. The lens understands that the ambient light is strong and stays dark. Then you suddenly enter a tunnel: the lens perceives the light change and immediately gets lighter to allow you to see well right from the very first meters. This drastically improves both comfort and safety.Within the lens it’s incorporated a small solar cell that powers a microchip and a special liquid crystal film. The microchip constantly works to adapt the lens’ tint, covering the whole range that goes from 18% to 68% of transmission of the visible light.

Both the liquid crystal film and the electronics are perfectly waterproof so they are ready to withstand any weather condition. The only energy source the lens needs is the sun. There are no batteries, of any kind, so the sunglasses are eco-friendly and can be used like a regular pair: there’s no setup, they never have to be charged and they will never run out of power.

The Electra ski goggles, with the same technology, have been extremely successful and have been elected by ISPO Munich as best optical product for the year 2021.

With these sunglasses, displayed at Silmo Paris from the 24th to the 27th of September, Out Of seems to have answered the needs of all outdoor sports enthusiasts, continuing its growth and starting the distribution of its products in the optical field.


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