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Knowledge is the only thing that you carry with you wherever you are. This Friday, Courtyard by Marriott was witness to an event that had some ardent followers of knowledge in attendance…

The Chennai edition of VP Academy had participants flying in from Kottayam and Bengaluru and also driving in from Madurai. Surely, this could be seen as recognition to the Academic qualities of the program and the speakers for the three sessions. The attendees put aside all their duties and commitment for the day to be part of the VP Academy programme to gain quality knowledge on the best Practice Management tools required to help their business grow further.


The Speaker for the Ophthalmic Lenses session — Ralph Coutinho from Essilor shared some inside information on “coatings” as a subject and the technical know-how of what goes into the making of ophthalmic lenses and the various process that is involved in its testing, so as to make the user experience that much more friendlier.


This was followed by lunch and an interactive session by A. Valarmathi who with all her academic qualifications and experience in Optometry was willing to take the participants belly dancing if the answers that came forth were not right. Without doubt, the post-lunch session ensured that nobody went dancing but stayed bright and alert to understand what she was teaching. Valarmathi also highlighted the use of the “Word of mouth” in its current format of digital social media, emphasising the need to stay updated through the digital world.


After the tea break, came P. S. Rekhi with the style of a Hollywood actor, and immense experience of how to do business and be successful in that. He spoke on how small things matter, and how he has his clients coming from USA and other places in India to Chennai to have their eye tested by some of the most updated equipment and personal equation. This he elucidated by an anecdote of how a small boy would cry to come to him only, from across the world, just for that small chocolate he had given to the boy’s elders when they had visited him some years ago.


Over the last few programmes, VP Academy has earned the reputation of being a certificate course diving deep into one given subject across the three factors – Ophthalmic Lens, Contact Lens and Spectacle frames. As a testimonial, Ananthalakshmi of Essilor goes on to say and emphasises that it does not skim through the topics, it gives you a complete knowledge on the subject of the day.


VP Academy is thankful to the Madras Optical Association, Optometric Association of Tamil Nadu, Elite School of Optometry and of course to ESSILOR for partnering with us on this journey of imparting education to the optical industry of India.

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