ACUVUE® VITA® An Exclusive Lens For Astigmatism, Now In India!

Johnson & Johnson launches ACUVUE® VITA®  for astigmatism in India…

Johnson & Johnson launches a new lens called ACUVUE® VITA® for astigmatism exclusively in India.

ACUVUE® VITA ®, a contact lens for Astigmatism comes with HydraMax Technology which provides reliability and hydration in a balanced consistency. The company claims that this monthly toric lens which is built exclusively for astigmatism, also features BLINK STABILIZED design which functions with natural eyelid movement and maintains the position of the lenses even with rapid head and eye movements.

ACUVUE® VITA®  is also claimed to be one of the only monthly lens with Class1 UV Blocking. The non-coated silicone hydrogel formulation in the lens, balances and maximises the moisture providing better vision and consistent performance all month long. The lens also offers around the clock coverage where you need it moist in low minus, plano to -6.00d, through -1.75DC. The company also claims the product to provide coverage of nearly 96% of spherical and astigmatic eyes.



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