Sterling Triple Dream Offer Rocks Again

The Triple Dream Offer is a unique initiative by Sterling to add the much needed fun quotient to the mundane business routine for all its stakeholders

IMG_3158The company’s first Triple Dream offer in 2011 was a huge success with customers enjoying a luxurious sojourn in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as at Alibaug here in India. The first of the Triple Dream offer in 2015 was at Las Vegas, the American city that enjoys being known as the ‘entertainment capital of the world’. Sterling invited twenty of its top customers to Las Vegas for a five-day holiday in September 2015.

Sterling’s second event was for one hundred top retailers of India who were invited to Dubai for a five-day trip to Dubai in December last year.

This lot included customers from all over India including big chain stores such as Titan, Lawrence & Mayo, the Himalaya Group, Gangar Eye Nation, GKB, Dayal’s, Bon- Ton, Lens & Frames, to name a few. They were hosted in the luxurious Anantara Spa Resort on The Palm Jumeirah Island, an exotic resort spread over waterbodies.

The next Triple Dream Offer will be coming up this spring to a holiday destination within the country and customers are eagerly awaiting the announcement.


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