ZEISS Inaugurates 2nd Vision Centre In Pune

Zeiss inaugurated Maharashtra’s first and India’s second vision centre in Pune early last month

Zeiss Vision Centres, known worldover for their quality and attention to detail represent a unique business model that enables ZEISS to use its years of expertise in optics, to create an individual business proposition for selected business partners. The core purpose of these vision centres is to deliver a differentiated consumer shopping experience at the ZEISS branded stores.

The entrance to the Zeiss Vision Centre in Pune
The entrance to the Zeiss Vision Centre in Pune

Last month in September, Zeiss inaugurated the second vision centre in Pune at Pro-Vision Optics. This store became Maharashtra’s first and India’s second, Vision Centre and is therefore an important achievement for the Zeiss team. Owned by Mr Suhas Bhosale, the store was declared open by Mr Daniel Sims, Managing Director, Carl Zeiss India on 13th September this year.

Eye care professionals working in such stores are trained to extensively use the ZEISS superior optical technology and to empower consumers to choose the most beneficial customised lens solutions for their needs. The latest in measurement techniques as well as comprehensive consultations, called the ZEISS Visual Analysis, ensures that customers get the option that meets their requirements and provides best visual acuity.

The eyewear on display at the newly inaugurated
The eyewear on display at the newly inaugurated

The seven stage process of this analysis used at Zeiss Vision Centre is categorised as below:

Vision analysis

Customised visual profile building

Vision performance analysis

Frame selection

Frame and lens measurement

 Customised lens solution

Creation of spectacles

The ZEISS Relaxed Vision Centre is said to have been developed to provide the ultimate vision care experience. Claimed to be a holistic concept, these vision centres will be able to offer customised solutions to the customers. They will also use the advanced dispensing instruments like the i.Profiler Plus and i.Terminal Mobile from Zeiss. Zeiss claims that these stores are expected to open up the possibility of getting lenses which are accurate to 1/100th of a dioptre, something that is not possible to achieve otherwise. This centre will be able to dispense superior lenses ranging from lenses for night vision to lenses that are as individual as a fingerprint.

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