Vision Rx Lab Launches NOVA HD

Hosting a two day seminar on the latest progressive lens technology introduced by them, Vision Rx Lab launched its lens product, Nova HD in the UAE

Vision Rx Lab LLC, a part of the internationally acclaimed Vision Rx Lab group introduced its new product Nova HD during two successive seminars held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively, this month.

The launch seminars were presided over by Mr Christian Röttger, the Group’s VP- Business Development, Europe, who introduced the participants to the high-end progressive lens from Vision Rx Lab, with an extensive presentation on the product as well as its uses. Also present at the event were Mr Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, CEO and Sivakumar, Head- Dubai Operations, who attended to the queries coming from the enthusiastic participants.

Christian Röttger conducting the seminar
Christian Röttger conducting the seminar

As per the details shared by the company, Nova HD lens is the premium free form progressive lens custom designed to suit the dynamic lifestyle of today’s wearer. Nova HD will provide high-definition natural vision with a 20 percent wider viewing zone near the periphery. It is also designed to provide optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity.

Designed in accordance to the dynamic demands of the customers, the Nova HD lens will offer special focus between 40 cm – 70 cm range, needed for viewing hand-held devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, etc. This makes it a suitable option for the modern day lifestyle.

Participants at the seminar engrossed in the session
Participants at the seminar engrossed in the session

Another asset of this product is the personalisation that it offers. As claimed by the Vision Rx Lab team, the product is designed to take into consideration the fact that every individual’s face is unique with distinctive eyes requiring unique frame parameters. Hence it offers a highly personalised lens based on individual’s eye and frame parameters for perfect vision and maximum comfort.

Along with the new lens, Vision Rx Lab team also introduced The Nova HD Measuring Tool. This tool is used to ensure accurate eye and frame parameters for perfect fit and vision of the wearer. As part of the seminar, the organisers also hosted a hands-on training session exploring the functionality of the tool in greater depth.

People from Dubai and Abu Dhabi came forth to participate in this seminar. The details shared by the Vision Rx Lab team claims that the participants took keen interest in the innovative product and also acknowledged its potential for the eye market.

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