Solving India’s Cataract Crisis

Cataract is the second largest cause of vision loss worldwide. Globally, 100 million people face vision loss due to cataracts, of which 17 million are blind and 83 million have moderate to severe visual impairment. Women have a higher rate of cataract-related visual impairment and blindness. India faces a veritable cataract crisis that threatens to affect a large segment of the country’s population, especially the elderly, because of demographic factors. This pressing public health problem can be addressed by a combination of approaches, including the removal of barriers, capacity-building, raising awareness and ensuring that quality is prioritized in service delivery.

Panelists at an India Vision Institute (IVI)-VisionPlus Magazine hosted ‘Solving India’s Cataract Crisis’ webinar, June 21, discussed this important public health issue. Moderated by IVI’s CEO, Vinod Daniel, the panel comprised Dr G V Rao, Development Specialist; Dr Arun Sethi, Ophthalmic Director, Arunodaya Deseret Eye Hospital, Managing Trustee, Arunodaya Charitable Trust; Dr Sumit Grover, Ophthalmologist, Academician and Public Health Professional; and Aaron Basaiawmoit, Chief Executive Officer, Bansara Eye Care Centre, North Eastern Zonal Representative and Board Member, Vision 2020 India.

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