VP India Jan-Feb 2024


Welcome to the first edition of 2024! Even though it’s set for the last quarter, VisionPlus EXPO is attracting more exhibitors, earning its title as the industry’s fastest-growing optical exhibition. Amidst the buzz of the VisionPlus EXPO, brace yourself for yet another exciting event – The 8th edition of The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS, celebrating another year of excellence in the industry!

Delving into the eyewear trends of 2024, diversity and excitement abound, detailed in our Trends section. In Brand Profile, we uncover the opulence, innovation, and Italian craftsmanship of Versace.

Vision And Beyond explores the dynamic landscape of eyewear technology, spotlighting Envision Glasses. Sustainability sheds light on eco-conscious eyewear brands crafting sunglasses from sustainable materials.

Galleria and Off The Shelf present the latest in fashion and style. Stay updated through Blogspot, Celebwatch, and follow us on social media for exclusive content!

Dive in and enjoy!

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