VP India Mar-Apr 2022


Yes, it’s back! ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ Awards, this time is bigger and better. And following it up will be the VisionPlus EXPO Dubai. So it’s an understatement to say that I am super excited as finally, the optical industry will have something to engage and connect. And in my honest opinion, that’s the need of the hour.

In this issue, we cover the 2 events I just spoke about. We have Rohan Paul, Head Of Commercial ZEISS Vision Care – India, adding to the reasoning about why every optician should be participating in the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ Awards this year. In Brand Profile, we feature Swarovski while in Trends, Sophie Tallier shares her opinion on why post pandemic, we might see a revival of the ‘classic’ frames and I have to say she has a valid point. Nilesh Thite and Pratik Bhatt contribute with their insights in Eye Matter and Lens Talk.

Regular features including Celeb Watch, Galleria, Blogspot and Off The Shelf will keep you updated about the latest.

Make sure you participate in the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ Awards. And may the best opticians win!

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