VP India May-Jun 2021


Time does fly but the last year seems to have zoomed by like never before and changed the world in a way that we had never expected. We’ve heard the line – Change is the only constant – and it holds more true today than at any other time. But some things never change and one such thing is how much I and my team enjoy bringing out our issue of VisionPlus every 2 months for you, our readers. So here’s to things that change and things that remain the same.

In this issue, we have a feature on Blue Light Protection Lenses, which is quite a buzzword, these days. In Vision & Beyond, we have some interesting content on Lenses classified by their refractive index.

Brand Profile showcases Prada while Trends discusses how an eyewear defines who you are! We have a feature on Home Based Vision Therapy from Monica Chaudhry and then Eye Matters discusses how some yoga could help
you keep your vision healthy.

Beyond these, of course, you have the regular content from our blog like Off The Shelf, Blogspot and Celeb Watch. Stay tuned to our digital channels and you’ll never be out of touch.
Read on. Enjoy!

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