VP India Sep-Oct 2021


Excited! Yes, that’s the emotions running through me right now as we approach VisionPlus EXPO. And for us it’s not just VisionPlus EXPO but VP Awards and VP Academy that are part of the main events that are going to make this event a one-of-a-kind show. I request the whole industry to support this initiative and be there in large numbers. It’s an event of the eyewear industry for the industry and by the industry.

In this issue we have ‘Icon(esses) Of Eyewear’ in the ‘Trends’ section which showcases the women who made eyewear cooler. Silhouette features in ‘Brand Profile’ while we have a range of Wearable Technologies tha are causing the industry to wake up and notice this new segment. Meanwhile we have the regular Celeb Watch, Off The Shelf, Blogspot and Galleria to ensure that you are up to date with the industry launches and happenings.

In addition, this issue has a few details about VisionPlus EXPO, VP Awards and VP Academy that’d help you plan in advance for our event
in Dubai. Read on and let’s catch up at VisionPlus EXPO 2021.

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