Bulgari’ Alluring Enchantment

Drive German, kiss French, love Spanish, dream American, but wear… wear only Italian… With more than 131 years of pure perfection, the last point is completely proved by one of the Italian fashion giants, Bulgari

bulgari-logoBulgari is known as one of the best examples of the world’s famous jewelry and fashion brands. Those who choose its jewels and watches show their high position in the society and the ability to recognise a true chefs-d’oeuvre. But what does it say about people who wear Bulgari accessories such as eyewear? Exquisite taste? – Definitely, yes. Clear elegance? – It will be hard to disagree with. Irresistible charm? – Doubtless. Because Bulgari is a true symbol of wealth, luxury and beauty.

Then And Now

Diagono Sunglasses by Bulgari

Appreciating Bulgari means highly rating the combination of Italian fashion and the tradition which takes its roots from the beautiful city of Santorin. Two cultures are connected into one in order to create true masterpieces. It was founded by Sotirio Voulgaris, a genius Greek jeweler whose small business succeeded to grow into a real fashion empire at the sunset of the 20th century. The brand was named after its founder and the word ‘Bulgari’ itself is a phonetic version of Voulgaris’s name.

When a family business becomes large and truly successful, it can be difficult to keep it under family control, but Sotirio’s sons Costantino and Giorgio managed to preserve the family heritage. Moreover, Giorgo’s son Gianni extended it from creating unique jewelries to producing luxurious wristwatches, bags and even eyewear. Under his direct leadership the company opened its shops not only in Rome, but also in New York, Geneva, Monte-Carlo and Paris.

In order to fulfill the purpose of improving the family business, his nephew Francesco Trapani started in early 1990s the new line of perfumes under the brand’s name. Thanks to Francesco’s vigilant guidance Bulgari brand became recognizable through all over the world.

Growing forward

In early 2000s a new luxury hotel brand, Bulgari Hotels and Resorts, was launched and this became a turning point in Bulgari’s long history. The first hotel was opened in Milan in 2004, causing a chain reaction of the emergence of the same luxuriant hotels in Bali, London and Shanghai. In the rate of top places to stay made by the readers of Smart Travel Asia magazine Bulgari hotel is ranked as the second most luxurious hotel in Asia.

The Bulgari Villa

It is notable, that up to 2011 almost all the shares of Bulgari company were concentrated in Italy. As a result, Bulgari was included to the Italian main stock-exchange Borsa Italiana as one of the most successful Italian companies with the highest profit. Nevertheless, after French luxury group LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA bought 50.4 per cent controlling stake in exchange for 3 per cent of LVMH (making the Bulgari family the second-biggest family shareholder in LVMH), the company was delisted from the Borsa Italiana.  

Nowadays Sotirio’s great-grandson Paolo Bulgari, the company’s chairman, continues to undertake initiatives that cherish traditions of Bulgari’s generations in all its product offerings.

The popular choice

Bulgari always pays attention to its quality trilogy (planning, controlling and constantly improving the quality of its products). What is more, Bulgari is one of the few brands that doesn’t need to be represented, because its history, its products and its clients are those conspicuous facts we need when speaking about the brand’s reputation. No wonder that screen legend Elizabeth Taylor always made her choice in favor of Bulgari. According to Richard Burton, ‘Bulgari’ was the only word Elizabeth Taylor knew in Italian. She wore Bulgari at most significant moments in her life: when she met Queen Elizabeth or won the Oscar.

But Taylor wasn’t the first one who fell in love with Bulgari brand. Other fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace of Monaco were its devoted admirers, too. Angelina Jolie and Pippa Middleton have also exhibited their love for the offerings of this brand on various occasions.

Giardini Italiani – 902869

To put it simply, Bulgari has wooed the royalty from time to time. Those who have nobility ranks, royals and the best celebrities have been constantly been giving the palm of supremacy to Bulgari as recognition of its perfection and sophisticated sense of fashion.

The jewels that the company presents connect Italian and Greek culture, becoming unique and inimitable in their beauty. Each tiara, necklace, bracelet and earring is a separate masterpiece worth being exhibited for the mysterious way in which the beautify a personality.

Furthermore, jewels aren’t the only items of the collection Bulgari can be proud of. Thanks to the company’s Swiss subsidiary, Bulgari Haute Horlogerie SA, it has developed the watches not only of the highest quality, but of the best design imaginable. Each model varies radically, depending on its design, style and functions, from beautiful luxurious ladies’ watches to magnificent men’s watches and stylish sports models.

Eyewear As A Jewel

Andy Warhol once said that visiting Bulgari’s boutique is the same as attending the best exhibition of contemporary art. But it doesn’t refer only to jewelries anymore. The beauty of Bulgari is well-exhibited in its eyewear as well. From encapsulating the subtle sophistication of a diva to displaying the epitome of glamour, one can see a lot of impressive eyewear designs in the Bulgari collections.

The recent Bulgari eyewear collections are distinguished by their dissimilarity referring to other eyewear brands. Yellow, white and pink gold, silver, copper or even bronze: there are models which can amaze you with such a wide variety of high-quality materials used to create eyewear. In combination with gems, feathers and different colors it makes a striking effect.

One of the collections is called ‘Pazzi per Venezia’ and is devoted to the most sumptuous city in the world, the city where love and romance aren’t only smelt in the air, but also float in the narrow water canals along with the sailing gondolas. The collection didn’t only get the name of the most recognisable Italian city, but at the same time it received the Venice’s sophistication and refinement.

Diva Sunglasses – 902899

Another example of Bulgari’s creativity is ‘Diva’, the collection of eyewear which connects a gorgeous colorful plume fixed on a simple and therefore magnificent eyewear frame with the help of a golden brooch with festoons. The combination of diamonds and emeralds helps Bulgari to astonish even capricious Venice, which is very demanding and hard to please.

Other highlights from the extensive portfolio of Bulgari’s eyewear can be seen in the ‘Seprenti’ inspired by the reptilian frame.

The refreshing designs by Bulgari eyewear are like a breath of fresh air for the fashion connoisseur. Combining the Italian attractiveness and the Greece restraint, Bulgari’s creations are pure icons of fashion clearly indicating the niche that the brand has carved for itself.

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