Crizal Recognised As Superbrand

Crizal has become the most recognised consumer brand in its category thanks to Essilor’s efforts since 2005

Superbrand recognition is a prestigious marketing accolade operating through its initiative not just in India but in 85 other countries as well.  Recognised as a brand differentiator, the Superbrand status is awarded to select brands in each of these countries that make it through a five month long selection process. This involves seeking the opinion of 17000 customers and of course, the expert opinion of marketing professionals, in different regions.

Crizal-new-Kid-&-Asian-&-French-Lady-W-68-x-44-H-03In the past brands like Wills Lifestyle, Times Now, Tata Shaktee, LIC, ITC Hotels, Apollo hospitals, DHL, CITI, Monte Carlo have been awarded with the prestigious recognition. Recently Crizal was awarded with the coveted Superbrand recognition emerging as one of the best brands in its category in India.

The Indian Eye care market is more than 6500 Cr which includes all optical products and  spectacle lenses. This market continues to grow. Even the lens industry is more evolved in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities where people have switched from glass to plastic lenses; in the smaller cities and villages of India glass lenses are still sold – Glass as a category is almost unheard of in other part of the world.

The focus of companies like Essilor is on shifting people from glass to plastic; from uncoat lenses to Crizal, from low index to high index lenses, from clear to branded photochromic lenses like Transitions and from bifocal to branded progressive lenses like Varilux.

Essilor is known to constantly innovate its offerings and Brand Crizal has been a integral part of the Journey. Since the early days of Crizal which was an anti reflective lens, it has evolved itself of being a lens which fights five enemies of clear vision and UV through Crizal FUV , UV and Harmful Blue Light thru’ Crizal Prevencia and their latest offering which is Eyezen and claims to relax and protects the eyes from digital screens.

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