Kian Saadat Of Hassan’s Optician Co, Jury At Vision-X VP Awards 2015

Kian Saadat, Owner of Hassan’s Optician Co joined in as the prestigious jury member to nominate the top products for the Vision-X VP Awards 2015. VisionPlus in conversation with Kian Saadat

VisionPlus (VP) : What are your expectations from Vision-X VP Awards this year?

Kian Saadat (KS) : As compared to last year, this year’s Jury Meet had a lot of improvements- from products to the overall meet was well organised. And reviewing the various entries of reputed brands to some even new players in the industry, I was intrigued positively by the presentation and the knowledge of these new products.

VP : What is your opinion about the quality of products this year?

KS : I got to see a variety of products in general. Especially, I really liked the eyewears of brands like DITA, Bentley, etc. I think the overall Luxury Segment was quite a great turnover. And as compared to last year, the first edition of Vision-X VP Awards, the scale of growth this year has been tremendous and I think this consistency will keep growing.


VP : Which is your favourite category?

KS : The range of categories was quite impressive, the way it was differentiated was even better. But, I really liked the Luxury eyewear and sunglasses segment, it was good to see the reputed brands and their superior quality of products.

VP : In your opinion, how does the industry benefit from the Vision-X VP Awards initiative?

KS: According to me it is very important and an essential platform, much needed for the growth and advancement of our industry. Firstly, one gets the platform for recognition as well as competing with leading brands, which makes it much more fascinating. As a retailer myself, I get to understand the offerings of differents brands and how each has shaped their products as per the on-going trends. Vision-X VP Awards surely provides a healthy competition between peers and adds the much needed credentials in one’s profile.

VP: What is your opinion about the impact of online retailing on the optical trade community?

KS: Online is definitely blooming and hardly there’s anyone who hasn’t been exposed to this medium. But when one looks at the Middle Eastern region, I will say it is yet to find its niche required for a steady base. I would say that especially for regions like Dubai, probably one should look out for a region-specific formula, post which one can see a difference and an emergence of the online presence.

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