The OAI Contributing To The Growth Of Indian Optical Retail

The OAI (Optical Association of India) is a body established by the opticians of India. The office bearers of this organisation take tireless and continuous efforts towards the betterment of the optical retail industry in the country. And their efforts have reaped rich returns for everyone associated with the trade, that too in a short span of time

Back in time, there was no body that looked after the concerns of retail opticians. In fact, the optical retail business  has been operating on the foundation of experience and knowledge of various generations, for many years. All the people involved in this field have adapted to the change in the industry, due to which they have been extremely successful in serving and earning trust of more than 80 percent of the population in India.

With the regulation coming in from the Indian government, there was a sense of fear in the optical fraternity. It was on April 6, 2017, that the industry realised that opticians are not recognised like any of the other specialty fields. And that is how OAI came into existence.

The idea behind this association’s establishment is simply to be heard, as explained by the founding members. The demands of the optical industry can be fulfilled by the Government of India provided there is a body that conveys them unanimously.

In the month of May 2017, imposition of GST rates on optical products was high and hence, an initiative was taken by Mr. Subhash Bansal (Optical Association (Regd.) Punjab ). Mr. Bansal met Shri Santosh Gangwar, the Minister of Finance, to submit a memorandum detailing the concerns of the industry. 

The result of this meeting was a 6 percent decrease in the GST levied on spectacles, that is, from 18 percent, it came down to 12 percent. And this meeting laid the foundation for the need to set up a national level association for opticians.

In order to discuss various challenges and problems, Mr. Naresh Chokasi (Chairman, Ahmedabad Optical Association) organised a meeting for Gujarat’s Opticians in Ahmedabad. During this meeting, all members unanimously agreed to the need to create a national level effective organization for opticians.

Similarly,  Mr. Davinder Singh Kalra (President of the Optical Association (Regd.) Punjab) organised a gathering for the opticians in Jalandhar City, and it was decided to set up a new organization by the name of  ‘Optical Association of India’.

The Optical Association Of India

Finally the body came into existence and was registered under  section 8 of the companies act, 2013 on August 27, 2017. The organisation promises to use the funds generated for the betterment and development of the optical profession.

The association was launched by Mr. Devi Prasad (President, Baroda Optical Association) and Mr. Atul Shah (Secretary, BOA) with a large number of Gujarat based industrialists as well as national industrialists from 11 other states. The association claims to work for the betterment of the industry and has been planning newer and more advanced ideas to be implemented. Mr. Harsh Gajjar (Patron, And Owner OF Rajani Group) has already begun to work on the same lines in this executive committee.

Optical Association of India has also formed 70 district associations in its supervision and it shall continue to do so to further help in the upliftment of the trade.

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