Okia's "India Lovers" Collection

Feel the Indian Soul! Discover the new  “INDIA LOVERS” collection by OKIA!

OKIA is proud to present its latest extraordinary goal, reached through a continuous research and improvement of the patented HDA® Technology: the new “India Lovers” collection is a surprising blend of high technology and fashion that will fascinate anyone feeling nostalgic about the hippie era.

Inspired by Indian traditional patterns, this wonderful collection is the perfect accessory for this period of the year when summer is fading away and autumn is getting closer. lowres-okia-OZHD1153-Sh-Blk-3The playful spirit of this collection’s frames is emphasized by the wise use of happy and brilliant colours, skilfully dosed and repeated along the temples just like on patterns and prints from India.

OKIA’s patented HDA® Technology never stops to amaze. Thanks to this well-known technology, OKIA is able to realize every time more and more complicated patterns on acetate sheets. The result is simply extraordinary: any texture can be shown on acetate with an extremely vivid and lifelike effect.

Magic and alternative, the new “India Lovers” collection reminds the atmosphere of the 70’s and is certain to seduce the “free spirits” of today.


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