Opium Creates Engagement With New Playful Packaging

Opium is undergoing a rebranding exercise and the new packaging is nothing like you have seen before

Opium’s new strategy to build engagement is unique and playful. Of course, sunglasses have sold glamour and sex appeal for a long time. But Opium, the sunglasses brand from Eternity Lifestyles, seems to be taking the unusual stance to build itself.

opium-final-with-kyoorius-logo-1Together, they create a collage of thought-provoking and playful graphic ideas. In fact, the new design of their packaging has won a Blue Elephant Award for the best packaging design at India’s most prestigious design awards- Kyoorius.

“Sunglasses occupy the most costly real estate available – our faces. They say something about our sense of identity. We believe that today, as individuals, we value the idea of being interesting people and leading interesting lives. We want to look like Creative Directors, not Investment Bankers. Opium is a hat tip to the idea. We are trying to create a brand for the people who value character over template”, says Ronak Sheth, Managing Director of Opium.

 Asparsh Sinha, Head of Brand Strategy at Open Strategy & Design, which is working on the entire rebranding exercise, said, “Few Indian brands utilise the power of design to build brands. Those that do, have seen growth that traditional brand building can seldom deliver. With Opium, we want to build a brand on the back of a strong thought and well-designed experience. Packaging is a wasted opportunity in the category, we used it to tell the brand story in a way that it becomes a strong, well-recognised face of the brand.”


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