Prada Introduces Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Inspired by its predecessors, the new collection consists of exquisite models made from black walnut and Malabar ebony woods

Being called ‘Prada Raw’, the new collection by Prada is all about stunning sophistication. The new collection also witnesses the debut of new materials. A symbol of skilful craftsmanship, the new models introduced in this collection also mark the return of the brand to natural materials. 03

Prada Raw Eyewear collection is the result of an unprecedented combination of a contemporary design and a brand new material, wood.

The choice of black walnut and Malabar ebony – two precious types of wood characterised by strength, alluring nuances and marked natural veining – reflects the brand’s great attention to the quality of materials used. Thanks to a special “layered” manufacturing technique, which makes the wood surprisingly malleable, the new models ensure a lightweight feel, comfort and a perfect, snug fit.

The natural irregularity of the wood’s veining turns each pair of glasses into a unique creation, the utmost expression of masterly craftsmanship.

For its new foray into eyewear, Prada has also tied up with six famous Instagram illustrators to give its buyers a better shopping experience through its website.


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