5 Promo Ideas To Sell More Eyewear

5 Promo Ideas To Sell More Eyewear!

With online shopping becoming so popular opticians are suffering. But don’t let this push you back, pull up your socks, do a little planning and use these simple promo ideas to sell more glasses

How many times have you come across a situation when a customer walks into your store, is fairly impressed by your collection, even likes what you recommend (of course a stylish branded frame) but when you mention the price, they choose to cut short the interaction and move out? If you are someone who relates to such an incident, don’t worry, it means your business is suffering from the classic stereotype of being overpriced. What you need is a breath of fresh air and of course new ideas to promote your business!
Any retail business needs to be promoted regularly, else that “drop” in customer walk-ins is inevitable.

Freebies Are Good!

The idea of getting more and paying less has tempted buyers every time. So, why not use it for your eyewear business as well? Work out a competitive deal for your customers and give them something extra. For instance, a buy one gets one free offer is a good idea for frames. Or you can offer accessories free of cost with every purchase that your customer makes. Even complimentary after-sales service is an excellent crowd puller and it only helps in strengthening customer loyalty.

Everybody Loves Discounts

If you are not quite ready to offer freebies, you can start by offering a discount on the second purchase. Yes! This is better than offering a discount on the first purchase itself simply because it encourages your customers to buy more. Additionally, the more eyewear they buy, the more you get a chance to serve them.

Something For Kids

Many times opticians underestimate their little customers. But there is an untapped market waiting to be captured when it comes to kids’ eyewear. Back to school campaigns or summer promotions work nicely when it comes to attracting parents to buy kids eyewear.

Refer A Friend

Nothing like a customer-getting-a-customer campaign to promote your business! The simple idea is to offer the customer an incentive to get another customer. It will help you build on your positive word of mouth and of course, get you more customers. Incentives offered need not be a monetary reward. Instead, you could offer a complimentary after-sales service or a guaranteed discount on the next purchase.

Selfie Contest

Selfies are a rage these days. Irrespective of the age, people love to click selfies so why not use this idea to boost your business. Invite your customers to click selfies in their favourite eyewear (of course, it has to be something they have bought from your store.) Get them to send these pictures to you through email or WhatsApp and share it on social media tagging your store. Offer a prize to the best-clicked selfie. Again this prize could be a complementary pair of sunglasses, complementary accessories or an attractive discount. Needless to say, in order to make the most of this idea, you need to be present across social media channels. So, if you are not, better late than never!

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