Art of Winning from Masters

Learn The Art Of Winning From The Masters-Webinar

It was a good and refreshing idea to get a celebrity to be a part of an educative and views sharing program. Ashutosh Vaidya, Country Manager and Managing Director at Safilo India and Navneet Kalra of Dayal Optical did a commendable job in bringing  Harbhajan Singh to be present on the webinar.

Life experiences of successful people are always taken as a good benchmark for leading a better life.

Harbhajan Singh, India’s loved cricketer and fondly called as Bhajji, or Bhajju Pa, has many cricketing achievements. To be the first Indian bowler to take a hat-trick in Test Cricket is probably the most memorable. He’s always been an inspiring model of success who has achieved it against manyl odds.

Navneet Kalra, Serial Entrepreneur, Successful and Admired Optician and International Restauranteur added his personal touch and shared professionalism tips that would go a long way in helping the fellow opticians in their business practice.

Harbhajan Singh gave a few examples of how he would play his cricketer. He started by saying how passionate he was about the game and gave credit to hunger for success and how he believed in his hard work to get there. He says in his group of cricketers, there were better players than him but because of his belief in hard work he could succeed to reach where he did. A good lesson for everyone to emulate and even the participants of the program must take this as a key take away.

Navneet Kalra on the other hand was talking in a language that fellow opticians could understand best, giving answers to questions by Ashutosh Vaidya. He emphasised on the fact that honesty, hard work and focus has been his mantra for his success. He also gave some tips from his style of business practice like optical stores should regularly replenish the sold items in the stock even if the unsold stock is big. He further said that the sold stock is preferred by the customers and chances of having demand for those will sell more again if stocked back. He also advised the opticians not to give heavy discounts on luxury products as the customers buy them for prestige and their brand value and generally know what are they paying for.

Harbhajan emphasised not to buckle down to pressure but instead believing in oneself will take us through. Answering a varied set of questions asked by participants, he said that understanding the opponent’s psychological mindset while playing is important. He also shared a few general remarks about his on-field competition and off-the-field friendship with players, the essence of which also holds well in business practice too.

Art of Winning from Masters
Art of Winning from Masters

Learning the art of winning from the masters is one of the series of webinars presented by Safilo during these lockdown days. Ashutosh has been very active with running these webinars and was brilliant in conducting this show too. He adeptly put forward questions from the participants to both Harbhajan and Navneet. It was an informative yet fun webinar, with Harbhajan very graciously singing a few songs and sharing some motivational nuggets that spoke of hope and love.

Harbhajan’s Inspiring words

The webinar was well received with good comments from all participants. One notable comment amongst them was from Anup R Kumar, an award-winning optician R Kumar Opticians, Ahmedabad who praised Ashutosh for putting things together. He was quoted saying “Ashutosh, you are the one who deserves the accolades for your persistence throughout the lockdown period. You have kept all ECPs, employees, distributors, all throughout SAARC occupied with information on all walks of life. You have disbursed the knowledge you acquired through your reading” which many others in the business have echoed in agreement.

Surely, some more interesting series of webinars will follow this successful one.

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