Scojo New York BluLites

Scojo New York recently introduced their latest in BluLite styles – now available in metal frames

These ready-to-wear readers come in four ultra unique shapes, with personalities all their own. Additionally, each of these styles is offered in plano non-RX for those seeking a little protection from digital screens without the added reading power.


Scojo  – Biko

The Biko embodies the essence of Scojo New York, with a revitalised sense of vigour in this retro, fully round style. Built from stunning stainless steel, the boldness is physically felt within this substantial frame.


Scojo - Matrix
Scojo – Matrix

High fashion dips into decades passed for the ultra slim Matrix. Pieced together from chromatic gold stainless steel and infused with BluLite technology, this pop of visionary colour may be small, but has no trouble getting noticed.


Scojo - Palatino
Scojo – Palatino

The Palatino takes a bold stab at an original concept. A more compressed P3 shape is presented, with a flatter profile up top and a rounded edge to bring modernisation through this BluLite frame. Dynamic yet approachable with golden stainless steel, the Palatino is bound to shine.


Scojo - Radcliffe
Scojo – Radcliffe

Clean cut for a look of enduring sophistication, the Radcliffe embodies a true P3 shape. Cooling silver metal forms this BluLite filtering style, created for function, but fully embracing a life of high fashion in the modern era.


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