What India Wants? Ronak Sheth’s Response

Ronak Sheth of Eternity lifestyles seemed thrilled during Optic India 2020. Here’s what he thought were the best bets for the year ahead

Colours that would rule 2020:
Black, Brown, gold, silver 
Material for 2020:
Balance of metal and plastic

Shapes for 2020:
Hexagon, Cat Eye
“This season we’ve seen a balance of metal and plastic.

We saw a lot of shapes, people are moving away from the regular aviator, wayfarer shapes and want to wear Geometric Shapes like the hexagon or cat-eye.

As much as there has been an openness to experiment with shape, they still prefer safer colour options like Black and Brown with gold and silver, than bolder colours.”


– Ronak Sheth

Organisation : Eternity lifestyles

Some of the brands distributed : Opium, Maybach, Desk&Coffee…

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