Shamir EyePoint Technology III®: The Real-World-Vision Experience

Shamir upgrades their revolutionary lens design software

EPT3_logoMarch 15, 2013 Shamir Insight, Inc., manufacturer of premium progressive lenses, has announced the upgrade of their design software, EyePoint Technology III®.  This software is utilized in Shamir’s newest Freeform design, Shamir Autograph III®.  EyePoint Technology III® is an upgrade of their previous lens design software, EyePoint Technology®.  EyePoint Technology III® boasts a real-world-vision experience, promising wearers similar viewing fields, regardless of prescription.

Shamir’s first generation of surface analysis technology used front side measurement (cylinder and power) only.  As this was not ideal, Shamir’s scientists sought to improve their design technology and created EyePoint Technology®.  This second generation surface analysis technology incorporated front side measurement (cylinder and power), back side measurement (cylinder and power), and the viewing field width (degree) at each viewing zone.  EyePoint Technology® simulates exactly how the human eye will see through the lens and then calculates the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface.  All of Shamir’s premium Freeform® designs have been created utilizing EyePoint Technology®.

Now Shamir’s scientists have improved their premium lens design software yet again and developed EyePoint Technology III®.  EyePoint Technology III® has been reengineered to focus on the real world images that the wearer sees and provides an improved viewing experience for all patients regardless of lens power and frame choice.  This real-world-vision experience is what Shamir believes separates EyePoint Technology III® from any other design technology available.  The goal of this new technology is to overcome the problem of different prescription-related viewing experiences through the same zone of the lens.  Previously, each patient’s perceived viewing field was significantly different based on their prescription, although the lens design remained the same.  For instance, when viewing an object, a minus power lens increased the field of view, while a plus power lens would reduce the field of view, causing the plus power patient to see less of the object.  Hyperopic patients experience a narrower viewing field than myopic patients.  EyePoint Technology III® has effectively solved this problem, so both hyperopic and myopic patients experience similar viewing fields.

“Shamir’s R & D team is constantly looking for ways to improve our already premium designs.  EyePoint Technology III® incorporates all the features of the previous design technology with several enhancements to make each lens better than ever before.  We are excited to announce this new technology at Vision Expo East and give attendees the first chance to learn how this technology will benefit their patients,” said Matt Lytle, VP Marketing.

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