3D Block: Acetate Becomes A 3D Explosion Of Sparkling Materials Thanks To Okia's HDA® Technology

Okia chose Mido again as the stage for the official launch of its latest concept, named ‘3D Block’

3D-Block-3The result of the continuous evolution and improvement of the patented HDA® Technology, ‘3D Block’ is a surprising new concept developed through the combination of high definition colours with special solid materials such as crystals, glitters, pearls and gold foil.

HDA® Technology has revolutionised the world of eyewear design introducing the possibility of choosing among unlimited colours, patterns and shapes and customising them based on the brand DNA. Now, because of ‘3D Block’, Okia is able to go one step further and to blend the incredible HDA® colours with different sparkling materials.

3D-Block-2This amazing mix is an impressive three-dimensional effect that is produced within the acetate base, for an unmatched look and feel. Through the new ‘3D Block’ concept acetate becomes a vivid explosion of shades and lights: solid materials can be combined with any kind of colour and pattern, allowing customers to express their individuality and giving a touch of uniqueness to their look.


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