4303 Collection From Ogi Eyewear

Entering the market as a leader in modern style, the 4303 embodies pure delicacy through its luminescent presence

With rich designer details, such as a noteworthy vellum inlay, and an intricate designed bridge, the 4303 is truly divine. This desirable metal is available in four designer colour schemes of abalone pearl or sea green, golden walnut or peru, stardust ribbon or purple and twilight streamer or burgundy.


Mod. 1689 and Mod. 1690 from Ogi's 4303 series
Mod. 1689 and Mod. 1690 from Ogi’s 4303 series

Classic almond-shaped cat eye meets luxurious modern innovation with the 4303. Ogi Eyewear applies its signature channel setting technique, with inlaid textured panels of luminous shell-like, wooden, and striped patterns. Featuring unexpected details including colour coordinated rivets and a particularly unique bridge, the 4303 is truly individual.

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