Adidas: The Brightest Brand

Among the wide range of brands that pay special attention to sports and activities Adidas is sure to carry the palm of supremacy. If all fashion brands were stars in the night sky, Adidas would definitely be Sirius, the brightest of all

aew_zonyk_fw16_a3_horizontal_en-1Should you come across the opinion that there is nothing more changeable than weather, don’t agree with it: fashion is much more changeable. Fashion trends come and go. If the fashion brand has existed for decades one can’t help but admire it: that simply means the brand is of the highest quality and has lots of refreshing ideas that will continue to fascinate people.

Take Adidas, for instance.

Family Drama

The history of this brand is really unusual and might remind you of some Latin American melodrama with all its passion, pathos and intrigue. However, its scene of action took place in postwar Germany.

Nowadays, perhaps, none has heard of Dassler, the firm that in 1924-1948 made shoes and was one of the most successful in the whole world. This family business founded by two brothers, Adolph (Adi) and Rudolph (Rudi) Dassler, made the grade due to creating the first football boots with spikes, as well as the first tennis shoes.

For only 24 years of its existence the firm made history indeed: it was hard to imagine German sportsmen who won the Olympics without wearing the shoes made by Dassler. Yet, everything too good ends too soon.

Adidas was founded in 1948 by Adi Dassler along with Puma, founded by his brother Rudi in the same year, and it was the climax of the family drama that included two loving brothers who ruined their family business in order to launch two separate firms, become two deadly rivals who would never speak to each other till the day they pass away. No one knows the real reasons for this family feud. Some people believe that Rudi being captured at war was offended by the fact that his brother never tried to rescue him, though he had such possibility. Others think that the reason for this was the inheritance of their father they couldn’t share. None will ever know the truth. Ebb and Flow Adi decided to preserve his old firm’s logo, adding there one more stripe.aew_mtn_attack_fw16_campaign_a3_horizontal_en_dd-2

After the Olympics in Helsinki, Adidas launched its bags and jackets along with shoes. Modernizing its production and developing it, Adidas became the beloved sponsor of Olympic Games and other sports competitions.

After Adolph’s death in 1978, his son Horst made huge steps towards making Adidas even more successful trading house. However, after his sudden death in 1986 Adidas faced difficult times.

In 1990 the damages reached 100mn dollars and people started getting their preferences to the newest brand called Nike. The brand was bought by Bernard Tapie in 1989 who soon became a bankrupt. The firm managed to find its way out only in 1993, been sold to Robert Louis-Dreyfus. Since then, the revenue of the brand hasn’t stopped rising.

Nowadays, Kasper Rörsted, CEO, together with Igor Landau, the Chaitman, have the common purpose: to make the brand thrive even more. The highlight is now made not only on the sports clothes and accessories but also on hi-techs in the sports branch. Adidas takes care not only of every professional sport one could think of, but also of people who like being healthy going in for sports.

Famous Admirers of Adidas

There is no need to say that professional sportsmen choose Adidas for its reliability and quality. Adidas is the title sponsor of the most well-known football teams such as Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Its logo stands in splendor on NBA kits and golf clothes.

aew_vario_ss16_a4_vertical_en_rz-1However, famous sportsmen aren’t the only ones who prefer Adidas. Celebrities do it as well. There are a lot of celebrities who adore Adidas: Shakira, Madonna, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne etc. For example, Selena Gomes has spotted wearing red Adidas eyewear. This brave and funny girl seems to represent all the main goals of Adidas: act, react and don’t be afraid of doing what you want to. The perfect red frame of the eyewear combined with the oversized lenses looks amazing on Selena’s cute face. Still, speaking of Adidas you can’t omit mentioning famous sportsmen. Wearing Adidas associates in our mind only with winnings due to their achievements. Thus, the American athlete Jeremy Wariner, who is famous for getting gold in the Olympics, prefers Adidas because of its reliability. His favourite eyewear model Evil Eye Halfrim is ideal for the man like him: it’s created for those who can’t imagine their life without winning and achieving set goals.

A Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake, being a current world champion, can boast wearing both a185 adizero Tempo and Evil Eye Halfrim. These glasses suit him a lot, let alone mentioning the fact that they totally match his way of life being outstanding for such a person who is full of energy.

Adidas Eyewear

aew_golf_ss16_a4_vertical_en_rz-1The Constant Movement Adidas eyewear is created for those who are fit, go in for sports and like the presence of drive in their lives. Moreover, the brand has thought everything through: it doesn’t matter whether you are cycling, running, driving, attending a fashion rout or simply going shopping: you will feel safe in any case.

Adidas Evil Eye Evo is a proof to what was mentioned before. It’s gorgeous and daring design is specially created for those who aren’t afraid of taking risks and winning afterwards. This eyewear for cycles is projected in the way that they repeat the face lines, giving the full picture of what surrounds you. The lenses are made in various colours that are iridescent. Due to the possibility of its fastening on the bridge of the nose you may be as fast as you want without worrying about getting into trouble.

If you are a confident man who wants to keep in step in time, Adidas 3MATIC A 427 will help you to emphasize your confidence. This memorable model with a catchy khaki eyewear frame and square blue lenses combines strict elegance with youth style and therefore is perfect for those who want to express their own individuality.

Adidas AF07 6051 is an astonishing unisex model that is both refined and light. If you want to point out your beautiful eyes without diverting attention from your own style, you should try it on for sure. Its hidden elegance that is expressed in thin eyewear frame with white sides and transparent lenses that will help you add some spice to your everyday outfit.

Adidas A425 Wildcharge is another unique model that will come in hand for those who want to stand out of the crowd. As the brand stands out itself, with this eyewear you will be able to achieve impossible. This model combines everything that one may need to add some special appeal to the outfit: with its cat-eyed shape, half-transparent colourful frame and bright lenses the model has all chances to become a favourite one in your wardrobe.

Adidas AF20 Invoke calls you to wake up from your daily routine and start acting. Do what you want, do what you like and stop thinking about any troubles: this model needs its owner to act. Shiny eyewear frame combined with orange sides needs to be in the epicenter of the action. Along with its owner.


1924-1948 – Existence of Dassler, the family business of two brothers, Adi and Rudi

August 18, 1948 – Adolph Dassler registers his firm Addas, that will later become Adidas

1954 – The triumph of Bundesteam that became football world’s champions wearing Adidas

1978 – Death of Adi Dassler

1989 – Was bought by Bernard Tepie and stopped being a family business

1993 – The new owner, Robert Louis-Dreyfus

1991 – The beginning of collaboration with Silhouette. The first launch of Adidas Eyewear

1997 – Acquired the Salomon Group and started producing kits September,

2004 – The launch of sports collection for women together with Stella McCartney

2005 – The world’s first intelligent shoes

April 11, 2006 – Becomes the official NBA clothing provider


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