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Be Independent means writing one’s own story every day”, with this idea in mind Italia Independent has made an identity above par as a creative and stylish brand for independent people and one that blends fashion and design with tradition and innovation

I-I Velvet

The “philosophy” of Italia Independent is, in large part, included in its name. Italy is not only the place where the company is based and operates, but it’s also the place that, day after day, inspires the project started seven years ago. Italia Independent is a creative and stylish brand for independent people that blends fashion and design, tradition and innovation. Italia Independent updates Made in Italy by revisiting the classic icons, operating in the eyewear field and creating lifestyle products belonging to different sectors, exporting the Italian style into a global world. Established by Lapo Elkann, Andrea Tessitore e Giovanni Accongiagioco, Italia Independent was launched in Florence on January 9, 2007 during Pitti. Taking inspiration from the Stealth, the famous sailboat owned by Avv. Agnelli, I-I presented on that occasion the first glasses entirely realised in carbon fiber. Since then, many contaminations characterised the brand. Both in the eyewear and in the lifestyle products, its strengths are the research and the use of innovative materials that are grafted on products with timeless lines, creating a fascinating mix of tradition and innovation.

I-I Superstar Adidas

The brand aims to reload and update the traditional concept of Made in Italy creating a “Made in Italy 2.0” and bringing it to the next level. This process doesn’t want to deny the work of those, during the years, built up its values but rather reinforce them. The aim of the brand is two-fold: on one side to draw on tradition, constantly improving and refining what has been done to date, in full respect of the classic lines; on the other one to create products of break with the past, enhancing the concept of innovation through research on materials and contaminations between different worlds that, in Italia Independent, find the perfect synthesis.

I-I 5

Speaking on the many iconic outcomes of original designs to collaborations with international brands by Italia Independent, some of them pertaining specifically to the eyewear sector are the 053 Sever- the beginning of Italia Independent adventure with Stealth, the famous sailboat owned by Avv. Agnelli, completely made in carbon fiber. This material has inspired Lapo and the Italia Independent team to produce the first pair of sunglasses entirely hand made through the application of 7 layers of carbon fiber; 090 Velvet- Italia Independent best seller, iconic eyewear shape, embellished by UV LUX® treatment, that makes the surface of sunglasses soft at touch as it was covered with velvet; and the Tailor-Made program- over 3 million possible combinations, making it the ultimate in customisation, and the only limit is one’s imagination.

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