Arcadio Unveils The Revolutionary 'Multi Vision Solution'

Arcadio unveils its 2014 collection with many big surprises.


In addition to more than 40 new fabulous models of optical frames, Arcadio is geared to launch its refreshing range of high-end sunglasses, novelty range of contact lens cases, and a revolutionary ‘multi-vision solution’ as a unique innovation for the first time in the world. These new initiatives are guaranteed to elevate brand Arcadio to a different level.

Ever since its inception, Arcadio has been enthralling quality-seekers with a profoundly fascinating range of unisex spectacle frames. The brand aims to cater to every facet of life, be it enriching elegance at work, alluring magnetism for romance or vibrant depiction for play. Every Arcadio eyewear is crafted with impeccable finesse and precision to make it strikingly distinct.

The newly launched Arcadio’s 2014 optical frame collection showcases a range of dazzling ornamental collection bejeweled with exotic gems, an all new peerless titanium collection, a stunning series of Carbon Fiber models and magnificent handmade acetate frames. The collection also includes a spectacular range of half frame, full frame and rimless models and all of these categories come with incredible, yet practical options for single vision and bifocals. For those who adore pure excellence, Arcadio’s 2014 optical collection is simply irresistible. The Arcadio 2014 optical collection has the widest range of more than 100 models in multiple colour options.

Ad-layout-2_2While speaking to the press, Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Managing Director said that Arcadio will be launching their exclusive range of premium Sunglasses by the end of April 2014. Arcadio’s sensational 2014-sunglass range is refreshingly unique in style and colour; suitable for all age groups. This unisex range of sunglasses specially caters to the fashion conscious consumers who seek trendy designs at reasonable prices. The Arcadio sunglasses range boasts the look & feel, quality, style, craftsmanship, presentation, merchandise and packaging on par with popular global brands. Mr. Imtiaz added that this was possible since Arcadio sunglasses are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with the best raw materials and workmanship, with an extremely stringent quality control policy.

Arcadio has constantly endeavored in product-innovation in the eyewear segment, thereby breaking the monotony in the eyewear industry. Arcadio has revealed its ultimate innovation called ‘Multi Vision Solution’. This is a 4-in-1 package that includes an exclusively designed high-end titanium frame suitable for multi-vision provision. The frame is also suitable for both single vision and bifocal powers. There are 3 clip-ons added in this premium package: –

  1. Polarized clip-on to prevent the eyes from harmful light, ultraviolet radiation etc.
  2. 3D clip-on to watch 3D movies, 3D television and to view books/magazines with 3D contents.
  3. Night vision clip-on to see under low light conditions and object enhancement for night driving and for sports activities in low lighting conditions.

Arcadio-sunglass-1Yet another introduction for 2014, is the novelty range of contact lens cases in attractive shapes, designs and colours, the case has contents space for the contact lenses, solution container, a lens case, mirror and lens picker and all of these match the outer shape and design. There are over 30 different models in the shapes of butterflies, floral designs, popular characters such as angry birds, shapes of animals and birds, basketballs, footballs and many other innovative designs. These contact lens cases will be made available in thoughtfully designed counter dispensers. Arcadio is looking to market this product through lifestyle/supermarket counters, beauty/personal care chains, etc. in addition to optical outlets.

These pioneering products especially the Multi Vision Solution, and the contact lens cases are predominantly being launched to build the Arcadio brand and increase the brand recall value, thereby enhancing cross-selling possibilities.

Arcadio-sunglass-4After sales service is one of Arcadio’s greatest strengths. There is a very clear and convincing service policy that ensures extremely fast turnaround time for service. There is an assured response time for service within 48 hours, which is a rarity in the eyewear industry. There is a depreciation discount or full replacement and Arcadio spares are available in most of their dealer outlets for immediate service or replacements.

In the Indian eyewear market, Arcadio aims to set very high standards in terms of innovation, quality, keeping up with trends, after sales service, etc.

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