As summer colors burst, purple is popping up all over for Maui Jim

Maui Jim’s newest women’s sunglasses styles celebrate a range of purples that add pop to fashion

LaniAs warmer weather approaches, Maui Jim, the fastest growing maker of premium polarized sunglasses, anticipates that the color that signifies elegance, good judgment, wealth and power – purple – is popping up all over. In celebration, the company has created new, feminine sunglass styles in a range of mauves, amethysts, lilacs and deep purples that add a pop of color to any ensemble.

Seven frames in the company’s acetate or high-grade injected nylon lines are available in a range of purple hues. These frames are lightweight, durable and easily adjustable and come with lustrous finishes that add a touch of elegance.

With these fashion-forward sunglasses, there’s no need to sacrifice eye protection for fashion. All Maui Jim lenses feature proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology that uses up to nine layers of protection to eliminate 100 percent of UV rays and cut 99.9 percent of glare from above, below and behind each lens. Embedded in each lens are three rare earth elements that enhance colors seen through the lenses. Because Maui Jim lenses are digitally engineered in the company’s 25,000 square foot lab, they are free of optical distortion. Prescription lenses are now available in each style. The stunning purple-hued frames feature the company’s Maui Rose™ lenses that add a rosy glow to your vision; or Neutral Grey lenses that are designed for the brightest days; or HCL® Bronze lenses that enhance vision in variable light conditions.

Falling in stride with the best eyewear trends of the warmer months, Maui Jim brings ladylike elegance to its newest Kanani sunglasses. Meaning “the beautiful one” in Hawaiian, these sunglasses are designed to make a statement by updating the best eyewear features of a soft, cat-eye shape in trend-setting colors and finishes merged with high-tech sun protection features. This season, Kanani’s (Style #270) chunky, vintage shape is transformed by translucent colorations and duo-toned styling. Sunglasses connoisseurs will find this lightweight nylon frame and Super Thin (ST) glass lenses in three memorable colors: translucent Twilight Fade with Neutral Grey lenses that harkens the violet shades of a warm sunrise; Tortoise with Peacock with HCL® Bronze lenses that adds a pop of vibrant turquoise to a classic look; and a translucent Grey Tortoise with Maui Rose™ lenses for soft, mottled styling.

AilanaAilana (Style #273 ) gives a nod to old school wayfarers, but this lightweight acetate style is more refined with its graceful curves and slight cat-eye shape. A sophisticated style for driving or a trip to the beach, Ailana has a flat matte look that comes in Smoke Grey, Sandstone, Chocolate and Mauve. Ailana has an eye size of 57, DBL of 18, temple of 135 and a six-base curvature resulting in an ultra-comfortable frame that fits smaller faces. Ailana uses MauiGradient™ tinted, SuperThin (ST) Glass lenses that are 20 percent thinner and lighter than conventional glass lenses. Each lens has darker tinting at the top of the lens that gradually gets lighter towards the bottom without losing polarization efficiency. Ailana is available in three lens colors: Neutral Grey for bright, sunny days; HCL® Bronze for variable light conditions; and Maui Rose™ for the sharpest contrast and image resolution. MauiGradient lenses are now available in prescription.

Lilikoi (Style #258) is a new addition to the company’s MauiGradient™ (single gradient) collection of sunglasses.  Each lens features a darker coating at the top of the lens that gradually gets lighter moving down the lens. With this technology, an appropriate amount of light is allowed to filter through certain areas, while less light comes through where protection is paramount. Lilikoi lenses are made from SuperThin (ST) Glass that is 20 percent lighter and thinner than conventional laminated lenses. For a day at the beach or a drive in a convertible with girlfriends, Lilikoi’s fashionable, lightweight acetate frame comes in Amethyst and Mauve, as well as Sandstone and Charcoal. Each frame has an eye size of 55, DBL of 19, temple of 140 and a six-base curvature resulting in an ultra-comfortable frame that fits smaller faces.

GingerGinger in Mauve with Maui Rose lenses (Style #221) is a midsize, round frame that is ultra-chic and feminine. This high-gloss style has an eye size of 69 mm; bridge size of 17 mm; and temple length of 130 mm, as well as a 6-base curvature. , Maui Jim’s Ginger sunglasses have SuperThin(ST) Glass lenses that are twenty percent thinner and lighter than conventional glass lenses. They have the MauiGradient tint that is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom of the lens. They are durable, scratch- and saltwater-resistant, and optically clear. In addition to Mauve, these sunglasses come in Charcoal, Chocolate and Matte Sandstone.

Blue Water in Purple Stripe (Style #236) is named for clearest, calmest waters that exhibit brilliant hues, shiny surfaces and sparkling reflections. Maui Jim’s new Blue Water sunglasses are an upgrade to the beach gear in your bag. The frames are made from high-gloss, high-grade nylon. The ultra-clear SuperThin (ST) Glass lenses are 20 percent thinner and lighter than conventional glass lenses. This style comes in four color options: Midnight Black or Purple Stripe with Neutral Grey lenses for bright days; or Dark Brown Stripe or Sandstone with HCL® Bronze lenses for variable light conditions. Seawall is available with MauiPassport® prescription lenses in powers from +3.00 to -5.50. This style has an eye size of 63 mm; bridge size of 18 mm; and temple length of 125 mm, as well as an 8-base curvature.

Rainbow-FallsThe sun rises on large-scale glamour in this hand-patterned, high-grade nylon wrap sunglass. Swirls of color make Rainbow Falls a stand-out, especially in Pearl White with Lilac or Abalone and White, both with Maui Rose lenses. The Maui Evolution® lenses are perfect for active lifestyles because they fuse the best properties of SuperThin Glass and polycarbonate materials into a lightweight, scratch- and impact-resistant lens with high-performance optics. Rainbow Falls can go from the slopes to the beach and not miss a beat. This style has an eye size of 63 mm; bridge size of 17 mm; and temple length of 120 mm, as well as an 8-base curvature; and comes in Black/White Swirl and Cinnamon and Bubblegum.

Lani is a fun, fashionable mid-size sunglass that’s packed with style. The squared-off acetate frame encases ultra-clear SuperThin (ST) Glass lenses. Available in Amethyst Fade, the neutral grey lenses are best for bright sunny days. This style has an eye size of 56 mm; bridge size of 17 mm; and temple length of 135 mm, as well as a 6-base curvature. Lani also is available in Gloss Black, Koa Tortoise, Tokyo Tortoise or Ruby with Sandstone.

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