Cali4nia: Experience The Rush

It’s young. It’s free-spirited. It’s Cali4nia. Offering a collection of lifestyle products including sunglasses, perfumes and even surfboards inspired by the Californian zest to live life to the fullest, Cali4nia is soon to be launched in Dubai

Cali4nia conveys a concept designed to cater to the free-spirited and fashion conscious consumers who seek exuberance or excitement as a way of life. With its extensive collection of eyewear, perfume, surfboards and T-shirts and other lifestyle products, Cali4nia reinterprets the urban attitude towards fashion offering a refreshing break from the mundane options.

Inspired by the Californian idea of sun-kissed beaches and living life kingsize, Cali4nia essentially captures the fascination of the young and urbane crowd. Today’s youth is not driven by the mob, he or she has individualistic choices and Cali4nia’s extensive portfolio gives them the liberty to exercise this individualism through their fashion statement.

Cali4nia is all set to launch internationally in the coming months through a grand event to be hosted in Dubai. The eyewear will be available exclusively through, a unique portal dedicated to connecting the brand owner on one platform and simplifying the trade with maximum benefits.

What does Cali4nia offer?

Cali4nia offers lifestyle products. These include sunglasses that boast of the latest designs and trends when it comes to eyewear fashion. The introductory range consists of thirteen different sunglasses featuring polarised lenses. The urbane design coupled with impressive shapes makes these sunglasses the perfect accessory for the fashion forward crowd.corrected-vp-arabia-2016-apr-jun-page-38-special-feature-cali4nia-experience-the-rush

The beautiful colours and textures are a tribute to the Californian zest of living life to the fullest. The inspiration from the pristine beaches and the promise of adventure that the roaring sea waves offer is eminent in the refreshingly new designs of these sunglasses.

Another product available through Cali4nia are the classic Californian surfboards. Made of superior quality material, these surfboards beautifully capture the essence of the Californian lifestyle beautifully.

Other lifestyle products include message tees and perfumes. While the message on the T-shirts is a reflection of the carefree yet confident Californian attitude, the fragrances also encapsulate this emotion and love through mesmerising scent formulations. Cali4nia also boasts of a wrist-watch collection that reflects a smart and masculine appearance to go well with the confident personas of the ambitious youths.

Then there is also an extensive collection of swimwear that is ideal for those who love to sport a refreshingly urbane attitude in their style statement. In fact, the Cali4nia products convey the feeling of experiencing the adrenaline rush when the sea breeze gushes against your skin.

Over a period of time, Cali4nia plans to introduce other lifestyle products into its portfolio.

Who is the Cali4nia customer?

To put it simply, the Californian customer is the person who wants to experience the rush and live life to the fullest.

The extensive range of products that Cali4nia cater to but are not restricted to the youngsters alone. Anyone who aspires to sport the urbaneness in their style statement will find a lot of interesting products through Cali4nia. The extensive portfolio provides a multitude of choices that instantly connect to a global audience.

Urbane living goes up a notch higher with the offerings of Cali4nia products and this defines well in their caption of ‘Experience The Rush’. Visit or get in touch with the Cali4nia team to know more about the brand and its offerings.

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