Discover The New 'Rebirth' Collection By Okia

Okia presents the eco-friendly and fashionable collection

Rebirth-1Always committed to research and innovation, Okia, the Hong Kong-based eyewear company celebrating its patented HDA® Technology’s 10th anniversary this year is proud to announce the launch of ‘Rebirth’, a new surprising, shiny and eco-friendly HDA® collection.

Rebirth is inspired by the concept of recycling, an important trend that can be seen today in different markets. “Sensitivity to nature and attention towards eco-friendly products have tremendously increased during the last years”, comments Jacky Lam, General Manager at Okia. “That is why we have decided to apply the concept of recycling and converting wasted materials into reusable objects to the eyewear world”.

Rebirth-4Shell pieces – the main components of the Rebirth collection’s design concept – are laminated into the acetate in order to produce a gorgeous and extremely bright effect. A really surprising blend of environmental sustainability and fashion is featured in these new frames that will seduce the feminine public through the unique elegance of the selected materials.

Romantic and perfect for the coming holiday season, Rebirth is a vivid explosion of shades and lights that will make your look enviable while helping the planet.


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