Dolce & Gabbana's Mosaico Collection

The collection pays homage to original, unique, typically Italian form of craftsmanship, with a bouquet of flowers, hand-crafted using the art of micro mosaic


DG 2136 - Full Mosaico

Expert craftsmen use the heat of a flame to ‘stretch’ fine Murano glass, eventually producing rods 2-3 mm in diameter. The filaments – in different colours and shapes creating life-like replicas of leaves, pistils and petals – are then cut into micro tiles and positioned individually by hand.

With just 70 models available world-wide, Full Mosaico is finished off with around 1,000 micro tiles. The bridge and temples are exquisitely decorated with a realistic floral pattern made up of flowers like pansies, gerberas, frangipani and forget-me-nots.

Measuring only a few millimetres in size, the tiles are arranged one-by-one to create a floral pattern – a motif much loved by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Every piece is truly unique, demonstrating just how craftsmanship can work hand-in-hand with fashion to produce creative, awe-inspiring results. It takes an artisan four days to make these accessories.

Along with the limited-edition Full Mosaico, the collection also includes two types of sunglasses and two prescription designs, their temples embellished with different-sized micro mosaic inserts.


dg4215_501_t3_0DG 4215

The 4215 is a rounded, cat-eye design. The temples are decorated with a micro mosaic pattern featuring 600 micro tiles (300 on each side); the mosaic covers almost the entire length of the temples.

Available in black with polarised lenses, havana and red.

DG 4214


This model offers a stylish, squarer shape. The front sections of the temples are finished off with micro mosaic details made using a total of 150 micro tiles (75 on each side).

Available in black, havana with polarized lenses and red.


DG 3187DG 3188

dg3187_502_0sDG 3187 is rounder in shape, DG 3188 slightly squarer.

The temples feature a hand-made micro mosaic decoration created by skilled artisans using a total of 90 micro tiles (45 on each side). Available in black, havana and red.

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