Eight artists for Atelier Persol


The excellence of the production process becomes art. This is the subject of the new “Atelier Persol” advertising campaign, featuring eight internationally acclaimed artists.

Different talents from the fields of photography, music, dance, design, and less conventional categories like spray painting were invited by Persol to take part in an original challenge: reinterpreting one of the values in the eyeglass creation process on the basis of their own style and personal taste.

This is why Persol invited the artists to spend some time at a splendid 15th century estate in Tuscany where they created the campaign that they also star in, with particularly stunning black and white photographs and films depict creativity from eight different artistic points of view. The artists had complete freedom of expression to represent the more important phases in the creation of a pair of eyeglasses, such as inspiration, design or attention to detail.


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