Givenchy's Rave Collection, Sporting Street Attitude

Embodying an expression of the Maison’s aesthetics, Givenchy’s new sunglasses reflect the brand’s codes and explore audacious architectural designs

Givenchy Rave Eyewear collection reveals a subtle yet powerful, carefully calibrated experimentation process in shapes and sizes to create daring associations.

GV 7012S By Givenchy
GV 7012S By Givenchy

The timeless shapes are deliberately unisex and convey Givenchy’s identity through iconic detailing. Stylised stars on the front, small metal teardrops on the temple tips, golden studs all over the profiles and staples fusing into hinges establish the uniqueness of the new designs.

RAVE, young, edgy, urban styles with bright colors and an audacious material mix

GV 7013S By Givenchy
GV 7013S By Givenchy

Visor: Extreme, daring and edgy design for this “visor” wraparound shape blending two lenses in strong different colors and mirrored effects, for an outstanding result. Rubber finishing details on the front and on the temples underline the architectural strength of this frame.

Bridges: An exclusive interpretation of the classic pilot shape in metal with a unique design of the bridges, both shaped as geometric triangular lines.

Skillful manufacturing techniques enhance the new glasses’ premium quality materials, celebrating the Maison’s savoirfaire. The color palette comprises classic shades and edgy color contrasts, from black to nude, red, white, or sophisticated mirror effects, paired with shaded or flash lenses, for a bold style statement.


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