Go Overboard With Chopard's Extravaganza Collection

Indulgence is not half as bad when you splurge on eye-wear that has extravagance written all over it

Chopard Extravanganza Collection
Chopard Extravanganza Collection

After creating watches for the elite from generations, Chopard took the eye-wear scene by storm with its innovative and stylish frames. The brand that has become synonymous with the best that brands have to offer, has launched its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. Called Extravaganza, the collection features five fashion-forward frames.

The all new Extravaganza Collection by Chopard is all about translating feminine charm and timeless elegance to glamorous designs.  The frames are studded with crystals that give it an edge over other eye-wear from fashion houses and a certain sense of sophisticated charm. Available in five enchanting colours and shapes, the collection is sure to catch the fancy of every fashionista.


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