Up The Glamour Quotient With Summer Collection From Escada

When it comes to glamour and fashion, nothing does it better than Escada and its new Summer collection proves that yet again

SES 832
SES 832

Cool Glamour summer collection sunglasses from Escada is designed keeping the fashionable female in mind. The sunglasses highlight every aspect of the feminine and vintage charm by encapsulating the essence of womanhood and its evolution through the decades. Considering fashion and its cyclic nature, it is no surprise that vintage chic is the buzzword in the fashion circles and it is perhaps to cater to this that Escada has launched its Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Featuring seven frames, each of which have been crafted with utmost precision and attention to details, the collection is a must-have for the fashionista in every girl. Sporting one of these would mean wearing traces of fashion that has managed to percolate through the decades. With leather trimmings adorning the rim of the frames and yet others being lined with shiny metal, the frames would also be collector’s pride.



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