Cate Blanchett in Tod's Eyewear

Two-time Academy Award Winner, Cate Blanchett, spotted wearing Tod’s sunglasses while travelling to her Broadway play

Cate Blanchett in Tod's sunglasses (TO0166 style)
Cate Blanchett in Tod’s sunglasses (TO0166 style)

Actress Cate Blanchett, celebrated for her stellar performances in films such as The Aviator and Blue Jasmine, is also an acclaimed theatre artist. She has won numerous awards for her plays, the most recent being the “Best Female Actor in a Play” award for “The Maids”.

Apart from her theatrical skills, she is well-known for being a modern fashion icon who loves to experiment with her look. She was recently spotted in Tod’s sunglasses (TO0166 style), known for their light lines and fine profiles, while walking to the performance of “The Maids”  in New York on Saturday, August 16. The actress carried the casual look with the elegance she is known for. 



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