Gold & Wood: B16.7 & B16.8 – B16 Model Variations

Spurred by the success of the B16 model, Gold & Wood proposes 2 new Eyepieces.

Argu-B16-Extensions-English-22 new eyepieces to enhance the “Heritage” family and the B16 model. In terms of design, models B16.7 and B16.8 have undergone changes in comfort as in combinations of colors and wood species.

Design Gold & Wood:

B16.7 and B16.8 were born from contemporary design mixing new colors and new wood species. Delicately hand-crafted with bright colors on the inside contrasting with sober colors on the outside, B16.7 and B16.8 are stylish & unique eyepieces.

Argu-B16-Extensions-English-1Wood Lock ® System:

Equipped with our exclusive Wood Lock® mounting system, for better mounting and un-mounting of the lenses.

Adjustable temples:

With adjustable temples and new end tips, B16.7 & B16.8 will fit & satisfy different morphology.

Ergonomic end tips:

Made out with acetate , this newly developed end tip will provide ultimate comfort & excellent fit.

Colors and wood species:

B16.7 – Walnut Brown / Plum

B16.8 – Nutmeg / Azure

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