Gold & Wood Brings Out New Frames

Inspired by the idea of comfort, Gold & Wood introduces new eyewear

The design is heavily inspired by the most luxurious boat decks, subtly combining precious woods, leather and brass. Ashbury is the essential sunglass for yachting enthusiasts. The spatulas temples are carved with a striped pattern on the outside. The brass inserts reminiscent of the old navigation instruments.


Each face has a unique new wood : teak on the sport sailing version Ashbury and a magnificent white wenge, combined with mahogany temples on the classic sailing model. A high fashion leather strap, shaped entirely by hand, comes from the combination of expertise of Gold & Wood’s eyewear manufacturing goldsmiths, with the high-quality leather House Vignes located on the French Riviera, in Nice and its leather goods craftsmen team.

SOHO 02.02Another innovation by the brand is the spherical compression precious wood veneers, such as Macassar ebony or red tanganika, combined with the robustness of aluminium foil. The technique gives the design of SOHO model, comfort, refinement and an incredibly pure and elegant line. The perfectly integrated wood on the front is made to stow subtly to the branch. Cutting a stainless steel sheet by laser process brings a lightness and ultra thin temples line which are equipped with flex hinges to provide more comfort to the wearer.

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